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Zombie Attack in Alcester!!!!

What a day the 30th September turned out to be! The much awaited first filming day for Patient Zero! We had full use of The Royal Oak in Alcester High Street and we were all pumped to make sure we made the most of it!

Landlord Jake volunteered himself to be eaten on the front pavement and looked fantastic!

Our resident make up artist Helen did an absolutely amazing Job, that good that we even had a nurse pull over and offer assistance! Now that is when you know the make up artist is totally rocking the 'walking dead' look perfectly. Big pat on the back for Helen!

Mama Zombie was totally rocking the Zombie look perfectly, movement, sound and the look. She most definitely stirred up some attention in the town!

We acquired ourselves 3 new crew members to welcome, Claire Wood - Make up artist, Elyse Attwood - Runner and Andy Attwood - Boom operator (#boomandy as he is now affectionately known by cast and crew). We welcome you on board and look forward to working with you on the future filming days.

Such a great day had by all crew and cast and we cannot wait for the next filming day! Pathogen production crew have a meeting planned on the 5th October where hopefully we can release some new filming dates and locations to all your fabulous fans and aspiring zombies.

Massive thanks to all those involved on Wednesday. Cast, crew and supporters.

Kirsty Powell2 Comments